Pumper Car Motivates Kids to Exercise

Pumper Car vehicle inventor, Mike Jones, is quickly becoming a thought leader in the field of exercise for children. Recently the article he wrote to encourage parents how to help their children exercise more has been printed by two online magazines. Thrive Global first picked up the story on March 4, 2020 titling Jones’ piece “How to Motivate Your Children to Exercise”. Just one week later, Red Tricycle, posted it with a slightly different title, “The Secret to Motivating Your Child to Exercise.”

Mr. Jones says that parents play a major role in whether or not their children exercise because children model their parents’ behavior. He urges families to do activities together. Find something the children enjoy doing. Make exercise fun.

Certainly the Pumper Car device makes exercise fun. It works both the upper and lower body. But what’s best is that kids don’t see it as exercise, they just like to race around on the driveway or on the playground. Maybe a Pumper Car unit won’t get them to eat all the vegetables on their plates, but it’s a start to a better and healthier life.

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