Pumper Car® Luxe

The Luxe model is the ultimate stylish three-wheel mobility product for teens and adults that uses our patented Integrated Personal Transportation™ technology.


We’re proud to offer this award-winning Pumper Car model for you to ride in your parks, neighborhood, campus, or town.


Coming 2024

Pumper Car Luxe - $TBA

Vehicle Description

The Pumper Car Luxe model is the ultimate performance three-wheeled mobility product for teens and adults. Everything from its sleek, futuristic carbon fiber and aluminum body to its long-range power-assist motor make this a groundbreaking form of transport. As you’d expect from all our vehicles, the Luxe model offers riders a vigorous upper- and lower-body workout due to its advanced, patented pump-action system.

Riders appreciate the safe design of the Pumper Car Luxe model, which allows them to zoom up to 25 miles per hour in bike lanes, on neighborhood streets, and anywhere a bicycle can go. Imagine the attention you’ll get when cruising on the Pumper Car Luxe vehicle. It’s an amazing example of mobility engineering and design!

Made of carbon fiber and aluminum
Folds into a compact configuration to fit into a car trunk—there’s no need to use a bike rack
Performance computer controls are installed on the handlebars
Bicycle-style handbrakes
LED visibility lights
Handlebar-mounted speedometer
Adjustable seat
Easy to operate
Electric power assist to reach speeds up to 25 mph with a range of about 25 miles on one charge
Bike-lane approved


  • Provides vigorous upper- and lower-body exercise
  • A performance transportation device for eco-friendly commutes
  • Designed for recreational, fitness, and physical therapy uses
  • Fun rides for teens and adults
Built for teens and adults 56” to 78” tall
Various adjustable seating options available: single, with a passenger, or an attached to a cargo trailer
Designed to meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards
Rated for riders up to 500 pounds
Sleek three-wheel design
Dimensions: 66” (L) x 22” (W) x 30” (H)


  • Specially designed stand for stationary indoor riding
  • Visual display for a wide range of functions