Pumper Car Ambiflex wheelchair-scooter set in a park
Pumper Car Ambiflex wheelchair-scooter

Pumper Car® Ambiflex

Introducing the revolutionary Ambiflex hybrid mobility product. This wheelchair/human-powered scooter is ideal for almost all ages and abilities.


The Ambiflex model combines the stability and safety of a wheelchair with our patented arm-and-leg propulsion system.


Coming 2025

Pumper Car Ambiflex - $TBA

Vehicle Description

The Ambiflex model combines the stability and safety of a wheelchair with our patented arm-and-leg propulsion system. This provides valuable full-body exercise and physical therapy to indoor and outdoor mobility. The power-assist system is an especially useful feature to ride up inclines, and also helps injured and disabled individuals to gain increased mobility.

Everything about the Ambiflex design offers flexibility and versatility: It folds down for storage and transport in cars. The seat swivels 360 degrees for easy transfers and seating at tables. Plus, it can maneuver through narrow hallways, tight doorways, and crowded living spaces.

There’s nothing available in the mobility market that matches the Ambiflex model in design, functionality, and safety.



  • Exercise levels can range from full-body, vigorous workouts to moderate activity levels for people with limited strength and physical capabilities.
  • Medical-related benefits include improved cardiovascular, joint and bone health, plus coordination and muscle strength.
  • Rehabilitation and exercise therapy due to upper- and/or lower-body workouts this device provides.
  • Improved mobility compared with traditional wheelchairs.
For children age 5+ to adults
Rideable indoors and outdoors
Adjustable seat to accommodate nearly all ages and sizes
Multiple comfort settings, with a 360-degree seat swivel for easy transfers
Electric motor can assist with slight inclines and strenuous distance travel
For riders up to 350 pounds and between 42” to 78” tall
Aluminum construction, weighing in at only 33 pounds
Dimensions of 40” (L) x 18” (W) x 30” (H), allowing a 36” turning radius
Seat removes with the pull of a lever
Folds down to about 12” high with the seat removed for easy cleaning, transport, and storage