1. Our products can be used by individuals with no physical impairment as well as those with special needs.
  1. We take pride in the safety of our products.  With over 20,000 units in schools, hospitals, and homes, we’ve never received a report of any injury.
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The Pumper Car® Kinder is a fun mobility device designed for children ages 2 to 5 years old. It can be ridden by almost every child, and is especially useful for children with therapeutic and health related needs. The unique pump action helps activate muscle groups that other devices and cycles don’t by working the upper and lower body simultaneously while creating a smooth and exciting ride. Each Pumper Car will be shipped to you in one box, with some assembly required. Here’s a link to a helpful video to assist you.

This device has many popular features that parents, therapists and teachers appreciate:


  • Approved mobility device for children of almost all abilities, promoting inclusion.
  • Unique pump action creates healthful, vigorous exercise.
  • Activates muscle groups that other devices and cycles don’t.
  • Works the upper and lower body simultaneously.
  • Offers a safe, smooth, and fun ride.
  • It’s an effective physical therapy tool for children with special needs.


  • Rated for 300 pounds of weight
  • Award-winning patented design
  • FDA registration number is 3014895737
  • Actual product weight and dimensions are: 30 pounds, 42”(L) x 22” (W) x 21” (H)
  • If prescribed by a doctor, your health insurance may pay for a Pumper Car® using the HCPCS code of A9300
  • Made of child-safe materials
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Zero pinch points
  • Four wheels provide stability
  • Has low center of gravity
  • Soft, non-slip handles
  • Safety brake for quick stops
  • Doesn't roll backwards
JR. Pumper Car DetailKinder™