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Comprehensive, end-to-end Integrated Personal Transportation™ products for all ages.

PumperCar in therapy session

About Us


What began as a humble toy company with a single product has evolved into a suite of patented, human-propelled, personal transport vehicles that deliver fun, exercise, and an array of documented physical therapeutic benefits.

The idea for these vehicles was born out of the imaginative mind of inventor, Mike Jones. He grew up in a Utah railyard where his family lived in an outfit car. There, Mike watched with fascination as the rail workers moved along the tracks on handcars. His inventions’ unique arm and leg pump-action propulsion technologies were inspired by these childhood memories.

There is a Pumper Car® model for all ages and stages.

Heralded by health professionals and educators alike, Pumper Car vehicles provide a full-body workout. What’s special is that they can be ridden by just about everyone and are particularly beneficial for those with special needs.

Our mission is to provide Interactive Personal Transportation products that are inclusive and encourage health, vitality, and fun.

We are proud to deliver the most advanced, comprehensive, end-to-end personal transport for all ages, stages, and abilities.

Improve your mobility

Approved mobility devices for children and adults of almost all abilities.

Purchase help

Your health insurance may pay for a prescription to purchase a Pumper Car vehicle.

A great ride

Unique pumping action results in healthy, vigorous exercise.

Therapy assistance

Consult your physician about how you or your child could benefit from therapy with a Pumper Car vehicle.