1 Pumper Car Prescription Could 1 Free Car


Today marks a very special day for anyone interested in obtaining a Pumper Car vehicle—and possibly receiving it for free.

We just received approval to use the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) code A9300. This means that doctors may now prescribe this multi-purpose physical therapy device and insurance will more than likely cover patients’ cost for the device.

The Pumper Car device is an FDA-registered non-measuring exercise device with four wheels and a low center of gravity. What makes it unique is its patented pumping action that uses the rider’s muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Children propel the vehicle with a push-pull motion. They push their feet and legs forward as they pull the handles on the steering column. Then they push their arms forward while bringing their feet and legs back.

Physical and occupational therapists around the country regard the Pumper Car unit as a proven therapy tool for children with special healthcare needs such as autism, ADHD, muscular dystrophy, Type 2 diabetes, poor muscle tone, and thirty-one other conditions and diagnoses.

Pumper Cars vehicles are durable and safe. They’re made of food-grade plastic and meet or exceed all requirements for the U.S. ASTM F963-96a safety tests. A key safety feature is the low center of gravity, which provides stability and is especially beneficial for children who are working on balance issues. Additional safety features include soft non- slip handles, a hand brake, zero pinch points, and the inability to roll backwards.

These devices are available in two sizes: The Kinder™ model is designed for children 2–5 years old and retails for $449, while the Original™ model is built for children 5–12 years old and costs $499. Both models are ideal for both home and clinical use. Some customers have told us they have used them daily for 10–15 years.

If you’d like to receive more information about the Pumper Car vehicle and how the recent HCPCS code designation of A9300 may help your patients obtain one through a prescription covered by insurance, please click here to contact us.

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