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Enjoy a Pumper Car® ride-on vehicle for a full-body workout!

We’re proud to offer our award-winning Pumper Car vehicles for you to ride at home, in your neighborhood, school, campus, clinic, or hospital.

Our Interactive Personal Transportation vehicles are designed to make sure riders are able to get exercise and have fun!

A Pumper Car® model for everyone in the family
A Pumper Car® model for everyone in the family

The Adjustable Uniflex™ Model

Get the Most Innovative Pumper Car® Vehicle Today

Get ready to experience mobility and fun like never before with the revolutionary Pumper Car Uniflex model. This cutting-edge vehicle is designed to thrill, energize, and bring people together in an unforgettable way. The big news is that this groundbreaking device is in stock and ready to ship to you today.

This is no ordinary ride. The Uniflex model is a game-changer for interactive personal transportation. Our patented pump-action drive system provides exhilarating, full-body workouts as you power this innovative machine. Imagine cruising your neighborhood sidewalks and bike paths for great exercise and travel to destinations in style.

Inclusive design for all ages and abilities
But the real magic of the Uniflex model lies in its ingenious design. Riders of almost all abilities and ages 5 to 95, will appreciate the adjustable seat. It accommodates everyone from 3 feet to just under 6 feet in height. This versatile vehicle breaks down barriers and offers a new level of mobility with amazing comfort and flexibility.

Safety and durability you can trust
At PumperCar, safety is always our top priority. That’s why the Uniflex model boasts numerous safety features, including zero pinch points, a low center of gravity, four-wheel stability, backward roll prevention, and a safety brake. Plus, we use high-quality materials to make extremely durable vehicles that last for years of exciting journeys.

More than just a ride
The Uniflex model is more than a mobility device. Thanks to its innovative engineering, it’s also an engaging tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation. The easy arm and leg push-pull motion builds strength, coordination, and endurance for individuals who have special needs or are recovering from injuries. The Uniflex mobility device even has the potential to be covered by health insurance when prescribed by a doctor, using the HCPCS code A9300.

Start moving on your Uniflex
The future of interactive personal transportation and mobility has arrived and it’s called the Uniflex! Whether you’re seeking an empowering solo adventure or a fun-filled family outing, PumperCar’s latest model is your ticket to an extraordinary ride. Click here to visit the Uniflex product page to see this game-changing vehicle in action and place your order now.

Current Models Available

Pumper Car Boy Rider



  • Children ages 2–5
  • Riders between 28” to 44” in height
  • Riders up to 300 pounds
  • Measures 42” (L) x 22” (W) x 21” (H)
Blog Image Pumper Car Nora



  • Children ages 5–12
  • Riders between 40” to 58” in height
  • Riders up to 300 pounds
  • Measures 44” (L) x 26” (W) x 26” (H)



  • Teens & adults
  • Riders from 3’ tall to just under 6’
  • Riders up to 300 pounds
  • Measures 44” (L) x 23” (W) x 29” (H)

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Click to hear some of our customers’ stories about their children’s experiences using the Pumper Car ride-on vehicles.


Customer Feedback

Our Customer Reviews

“My SPD daughter benefited SO much from using a [Pumper Car vehicle] at therapy  .  .  .  it seemed to really regulate her whole body and mind when she used it.”

— Post we received from “Trust me, I’m a mom.”

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Bradley's mother

“Exercise is something that I have never been able to get my son into until we got a Pumper Car. It has made it fun for him . . .  For the first time I have seen my son become physically exhausted and still want to continue.”

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J.C.'s mother

“J.C. was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and has been in therapy since he was two years old. Last April his therapist did not feel that J.C. would be a candidate for discharge anytime soon. Several months later his therapist brought out the Pumper Car to start a session. J.C. spent his entire therapy riding ‘the car.’ He loved it!”

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Alec's grandmother

“He has trouble on a bike because he has to pedal to keep his balance. I love the Pumper Car vehicle because Alec goes on it for five to seven hours straight, up and down hills . . . When he’s going off with his anger we get him on the Pumper Car to calm him down. Thanks for putting such a great product on the market.”

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Nicholas's mother

“Nicholas, who is on the autism spectrum, is high-functioning. Erin has found that the Pumper Car is something that Nicholas can do safely with friends. She remarked, “I can tell when he was doing it he was having a great time, but also out of breath from working so hard. I’m really excited about this moving forward.”